what is
swiss transit.

Swiss Transit is the easiest and most beautiful way to check out public transport connections in Switzerland.


Swiss Transit for iPad takes advantage of the big screen. Each connection, partial connection, transport journey or departure is shown on the map. Everything, the overview of the connections, the details of each connection, the transport information, journey, time, stations, etc. is shown on the same screen. No switching between screens is necessary.


Swiss Transit for iPhone is the smaller brother of the app. It is optimized for the smaller screen of the iPhone. Get a quick overview with all details for the next connections or departures and swipe between the information about the connections or transport journeys and the visual representation on the map.

Swiss Transit has the following features:


Search for public transport connections.
Choose the departure and arrival station and easily search for public transport connections. In additional you can chosse the time and date. The summary and the details for each connection are shown on the same screen. The next and previous connection can be loaded by pulling the table up or down. The whole journey or parts of it can be seen on the map or in a list form with all intermediate stops, departure and arrival times.

Departures / arrivals

Search for the next departures arrival for a stop.
Choose a departure station and check the next public transports leaving from that station. The journey of each transport can be seen on the map or in a list form with arrival and departure time for each intermediate stop. The next and previous departures can be loaded by pulling the table up or down.

Transit news

Check the public transport news.
Check out the latest news about delays, interruptions, cancellations or any other events that may impact your journey planning.

Walking directions

Get walking directions in the app.
You need to find your way to the next station or you need to change from one station to another? No problem. Swiss Transit shows you the walking directions from your current location to the station or between and stations during your journey. The walking directions are shown on the map and in list form with street names, distances, etc.

Load next or previous

Load the next or previous connections or departures.
Whenever you would like to check out the next or previous connections or the next departures or arrivals, you can easily do that by pulling the table with the results up or down at the bottom or top. The new results will be loaded and added to the list. No need to go back and change the time or date.


Choose your stations.
The stations for your departure and arrival can either be searched for by name or you can check out the next stations directly on the map or in list form. Choose either of the stations as departure or arrival.

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